I hope this is allowed here, if not then please delete.

A lot of people write music but have no way of realising their songs with real instruments.

I offer a service where I will record your songs written on score or in Guitar Pro, even if you have used midi plugins in a DAW, whatever it doesn't really matter. My mixes and playing are of a professional standard and if you would like to see for yourself then just take a look at my soundcloud profile for some examples:


I offer this service in two places:

On Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/chris_tranmer/convert-your-midi-or-guitar-pro-songs-into-real-instruments

Or through my website: www.chimeraaudio.com

Pricing can be found on my Fiverr page but if you would like a 20% discount then you can order through my website. I gave the Fiverr option for your own piece of mind and safety when doing business. I offer the 20% discount from my website because that is how much commission Fiverr takes per sale.
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A little bit over 2 years ago you posted a very similar thread in the Promote YOUR band subforum:
10 replies, 8 posts by you (7 of them being bumps, which are against the rules), 2 other responses. No interest in your service was shown, just some mild curiosity.

Funnily enough one year ago you posted a very similar thread in this subforum:

4 replies, (2 of them being bumps which, again, are against the rules), no interest.

Yet you still keep trying to sell us your shit service; I'm sorry mate, it's just not working. Better try and get that job at McDonald's back before it's too late.
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Well you're just a nice little salty peach aren't you.

Jealousy seems to be oozing from you and I've done absolutely nothing wrong to you.

I offer this service as it fills in the gaps of my main bulk of work and I've had plenty of people come to me for this. Also, just to let you know, I make plenty of money writing music, mixing and mastering and even if this wasn't working out I could literally jump straight into two different decent paying jobs tomorrow because I'm not a brain dead moron as you seem to be implying.

Anyway, I just had a quick look at your post history too and noticed that only 3 months ago you was unemployed. Stones, glass houses, all that. Seriously though, I wish you luck in finding work and also beating your battle with depression but surely being negative towards someone you don't even know isn't going to help at all, is it?
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