I just made a tab for Swollen and Halo. A few people liked it and requested I tab out Morningstar. I know both guitar parts and will tab them out in this one. The only problem is: There is only one section I can't figure out. The chorus for Peter Adams' part is near impossible to hear for me. I would greatly appreciate any help to my cause here.

The song (chorus part is at ~1:28)

There's a fantastic video that I've rewinded several million times at 2:23 since his hands are right there in the camera. His hand is angled in such a way that it's a little bit hard to tell what's going on though. I've almost got it but I'm not very confident.

It's important to know that the first and second chorus are played the same but the third chorus (at the end of the song after the solo) is different. I need help with the first two.

If there's a way I could manipulate the audio (via Audacity or whatever else) to hear the part better, let me know. If you think you know what he's playing, let me know. Thanks.