V847 A's (made in China) are, arguably, of a lower sound quality than the V847's (made in the USA). The primary way to tell the two apart online is the AC adapter input, which is featured on the Chinese V847 A models.

I am currently trying to purchase a USA V847 wah, and I've noticed a lot of angry comments on eBay about paying for a "real" wah and receiving a "rice" wah. Attempting to avoid this mistake, I call the seller before purchasing to insure that the pedal does not have an AC input - oddly enough, I have yet to find one without it. Then I noticed, however, the description of the V847 wah on Vox's main site, stating that the product now features an input for an AC adapter, yet when I click on "find in store" the only search option is for the V847 A.

Has the V847 been discontinued and replaced by the V847 A?

Guitar Center is currently back ordered, and Sam Ash only carries the V847 A.

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i am not sure, but probably is discontinued. just get a used american one if that is what you want. i would personally look elsewhere for whas, but that is just me.

i like my fulltone a lot, they aren't overly expensive used. my next wah will be an RMC, when ever i get around to it.

budda maker seemingly decent wahs for the price. probably not much more than the Vox.
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