So my Jackson js22-7 has developed a rattle, and I cannot place it. It's eminating from the body. All the hardware is tight, no loose parts or wires what so ever. Pickups are direct mounted and cranked against the body. They cannot be moved unless I loosen them.

Any idea where to check?
Just moving the guitar gently is enough to make it rattle.
Check the neck screws, open the panel behind the knobs and see if anything is in there.

When there's a rattle, what are you doing? Just moving it around or playing it?

Are your strap knobs tight?
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bjgrifter the rattle is when ever it's moved or played. Neck is tight. I checked the control cavities, pulled the knobs and checked the pots. No loose anything. The strap buttons do not budge.
Listening from the back sounds like it's in the pickup cavities, listening from the front sounds like the control cavity.

It sounds like a loose something is in there bouncing around like a rock in a tin can.
I'm beginning to think it's one of the pickups. I will have to pull it to confirm. If it's inside, then I am screwed at that point. They're passives, but epoxied into active covers.
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