Hey, just wanted to ask you guys, I don't get preamps but the mesa boogie studio preamp sounds like heaven to me and I'd like to know how I'd use it, could I connect into a combo like a bassbreaker or do I need a cab, cause I just want that preamp sound, would like to know how to set it up, I've never seen many preamps but I know artists used them on the studio and stuff like that, just would want to know the ideal way to use it and if it'd sound good with a bassbreaker combo.. :/ Thank you
Ultimately, you'd use it as a pre-amp for your guitar and use a poweramp/cabinet (either hardware or modeled) to get the rest of the sound.

I think the Studio Pre-Amp has a simulated output, but not entirely sure.
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There are several ways to do it. Usually the "Studio" moniker means that it can be bolted in on the control room console and accessible for tracking from there so most likely it has some kind of power amp and speaker emulation built in, looking at the back it has the "recording" and "Main" outputs, the "Recording" are most likely an emulated out for direct recording.
The "Main" outputs are for power amps, and I'd assume that the best sounding would be the Mesa Boogie tube power amps Simulclass 2:Ninety or other, but any power amp could be paired with it. Personally, I'd go with Mesa poweramp and Mesa cab.

Here's a pic for the front just in case someone wants to see it:

Alternately, you can use one of the new power amp and speaker impulses, something like Torpedo cab or software versions, like say NadIR, Amplitube, Guitar Rig, etc., just feeding the "Main Out" into an audio interface input or speaker emulation box input and trying to emulate the rest of the chain (power mp and speaker) through hardware or software.
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diabolical Ok so I'm short on cash so could I connect it to a Blackstar HT5C, change the valves for the ones the mesa boogie power amps have and it'd sound good or it isn't that simple? :/
diabolical Oh ok, so that means it'd work and the sound wouldn't suck x) Hey thanks a lot man really, for explaining everything and answering my questions, I'm new to this community but it seems really nice.
I think the Blackstar amp had a overdrive circuit in the preamp section which has been a contentious point for them calling it "all tube", so with the fx return trick you're bypassing the Blackstar preamp section and using it as a standard power amp. If it will sound good - now I have no idea. The tubes on the Mesa preamp might need changing as well, but you'll find out once you get it (I assume you're buying used?). Might consider a retube if the Mesa sounds dull, which it could, depends on how much use those tubes have had.

The Blackstar power section is all tube (I think) but am not sure of the quality of the speaker. You should be fine with it for starters though.
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diabolical Ok, noted, yeah the HT5C has a tube power amp, I think I'll try to find one used since I'm gonna mod it so much, and research how to change the speaker, the tubes, but I'll do the mods gradually, and then when and if I ever start making money, I'll buy a proper mesa power amp and cab, thanks for the help