Okay so I have a Ibanez Jem Jr 2015 Model which is the one with the full tree of life inlay and all white, better than the 555. I am thinking about changing the bridge but wondered if anyone knows which one will fit in the cavity, Original Floyd or Edge Lowpro or something like that, Thanks.
check out ibanezrules.com

That is the go-to Ibanez resource from my experience.
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what trem does it have? it currently seems to have the standard double-locking bridge. my guess is an ofr (or schaller) is more likely to fit in that route, but your best bet is to measure you're trem's appropriate bits and compare it to the routing templates on the floyd rose, schaller and gotoh websites and see if they fit. i would guess your studs might be smaller than the ofr/schaller/gotoh ones too.
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