I got a focusrite 2i4 for DJing and I "accidentally" got into guitar and now I use it for that. It's compact enough and it sounds decent. Haven't had any problems with it so far!
Who needs shred when you've got rhythm guitar? :^)
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I got pretty close to 0ms I believe on my m-audio fast track. Hopefully the 2i4 will do the same... I went and bought one off ebay
ON a M-Audio Fast Track? Most likely a pipe dream unless he is talking monitoring the input at source. Some audio interfaces have that so if you're recording an already effected sound you don't have to worry about latency at all.

Back in the day it was by splitting the signal into two parts - one going direct into the DAW and being recorded, muted so it doesn't feed back, the other part going into a monitoring mixer where the output of the DAW goes on another channel, then both signals are mixed in for monitoring. That's how we did it before fancy audio interfaces. Some time in the game the audio card manufacturers discovered that we want this feature and they built the split into the interfaces themselves, either in the hardware like this "Mixer" feature which blends the inputs to the left with the playback to the right:
or in some kind of fashion on the driver software as usually seen on later models:
(notice DAW1 and 2):
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0ms? My old Digi HDI/0 192 couldn't even get 0ms. I'm calling shenanigans.
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0ms is literally impossible, there's always some delay added with AD/DA.
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