Primarily an instrumental, Paul is Dead? includes some lyrics (below). I added the vocal to address the obsession that's on many people's minds, about the real Paul McCartney having died in 1966 and William Campbell (Shears) taking his place in 1967. Paul is Dead is the top song listed on my page at:


What’s the deal when you over stay in my life?
Are you dead, is the walrus no more?
Are you dead, has Paul walked out the door?

Is it clear that Billy’s here? I don’t know.
Tell the truth, your eyes and ears don’t lie.
Tell the truth, is it hello or goodbye?
You're always recommending Melodyne, lol. I'll tell you what Neil Young once said... "I'm a stylist, not a singer." I would never sit there and play around with the digital dynamics of my singing... and I suspect I won't spend any extra time trying to make some parts tighter. I know you like getting your stuff on the radio, but for me, this is a hobby. I don't want to ruin the fun or spontaneity. I spend as little time on a song so I can get to the next one. :-)