I am looking for a luthier or at least a very good repairman to install a set of stainless steel frets on my PRS custom 22. I prefer that the person who does the work have his shop in northern NJ.
I have previously tried two luthiers in Bergen county and one was bad and the other worse . The one in the Paterson area had a very bad attitude ( he insisted that I leave work mid-afternoon and mid-week to bring a guitar to him otherwise he would not find the time to do the job I had for him . The other luthier,in the Hackensack area was so bad it is hard to describe. I believed his lies about being experienced and talented but,he showed me it was a :" earn as you learn " situation . He took over 5 months to change the frets and strapping on the neck ,over charged and worst of all messed up the job hurting the value of the guitar Anyway,if you have taken a guitar to someone in northern NJ and he did a good job and did not take months to do simple job and seems good enough to work with stainless steel PLEASE let me know,I very much want to change to stainless steel frets since I wear out frets faster than anyone else I know . I don't mind paying premium prices for premium work but refuse to again be taken by a liar and a cheat .
Thanks in advance for any information about a competent and honest luthier or repairman in the Northern NJ. If the person's shop is in Central NJ or the Rockland Co. area of NY state please let me know but, I would rather not travel into NYC.