Hi! So i bought my first eletric guitar, a ibanez GRG121DX and today i was messing with the guitar and decided to open the only cavity the guitar has. To my suprise there is no battery whatsoever. Is there a possibility my pickups are passive ? They look 100% like active one's. Thanks
Gio Ibanezes don't come with actives stock. Pics would help us identify what you have.

Research the EMGHZ pickups. They are passive and have the same cover as their actives.
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The stock pickups could be mistaken for active pickups, so I'm guessing it's just the stock pickups metalmingee. Safe to say they're passive if he can't find a battery though.

May I ask why you assumed they were active and if it makes a difference to you that they aren't? And if so, what difference does it make?
I K0nijn I As a begginer guittarist it doesn't make difference to me because i probabily couldn't even tell the difference between actives and passives xD. I assumed they were active because of their look. They look exactly like EMG's
Guys i already figured it out, i went to ibanez website and they really are passive pickups. Thanks for the help anyway
Just wondering. :-)
Could've been the person who sold you the guitar that told you they were active or whatever else.

Enjoy your guitar, man!