Hello everyone, I'm completely new to guitars and i always wanted to learn to play one soo one of my uncle gave me his really old acoustic guitar. It's supposed to be vintage or something and i need to replace the strings but i don't know what strings to get or what to do with it. I thought of selling it and buying a more recent acoustic guitar but nobody is probably gonna buy it. Its just old. the guitar is spanish and the name is "Guitarras de Artesania Antonio Lorca Mod 3598" Custom made.

I have no idea what to do with it. So i thought you guys could help me out. I just need to know how much time and money would take to fix it or how much will i be able to sell it for?
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My God, it's full of stars!
I would never sell a "vintage" (or just OLD) guitar especially a family 'Heirloom". A "custom made" Spanish guitar made in Spain may have solid back and sides, they built some of those but mostly "student" all laminate. What body style is the guitar (Google "guitar body styles). Probably nothing wrong with it at all as classicals aren't subject to the stresses that steel stringers are. Others here can guide you more wisely in string choice, I'm fond of mixing the nylons with silk and steel wounds from a steel string set, great tone, easy fingering, a little less volume and longevity.
If you plan on learning songs of the day keep in mind that although you can do it on a classical, they really require a unique playing style that is best achieved by seeking professional training and if you move to steel the playing style will be different.
Because of the wide, flat fretboard classicals are best stanced on the left leg for right handers otherwise your left wrist will take some punishment.