UG Community, fellow bretheren, I could use your help.

A fellow Sgt. had asked for ideas for a base-wide celebration. I couldn't help but suggest we rock the house. After a month of rehearsing, a bunch of joe schmo's, including myself, who had only a desire to perform,went on stage & put on a better concert (per feedback) than the band paid to fly in to this "undisclosed location." Twas the greatest moment of my life. Now, we may be able to play again, only this time we would be the main act. I, however, could really use some input on incorporating comedic ideas.

Completely just BSing around the other day, an idea was spawned that, during about the middle of the set, we'll have "Bruce Dickenson" come on stage, have us stop performing, during which time he'll exclaim he has to have "more cowbell baby." Everyone loves it. The cowbell has already been ordered.

We now want more on-stage gimmicks to enhance crowd-experience and would greatly appreciate any ideas from the vast collective-knowledge of all the performers UG has. With that said, does anyone out there have anything in mind?

Muchos Gracias in advance.

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One Vision, I will look in to that.

NeoMvsEu, we could. The "cowbell" idea is coming from a SNL skit which you may have already figured out. But I suppose we could just do a tune with say the cowbell & another instrument
By more cowbell, it wasn't a "Don't Fear the Reaper" reference, it was more like a percussion breakdown I had in mind, more like Riverdance or a drumline performance. Different, interesting, and in a way gimmicky. Just have to figure out what to do
Oh I see what you mean, Ill look in to maybe doing that & see what the band thinks. We have it so we might as well use it
A lot of people enjoy playing the guitar on your shoulders (or head, if you have the stones). Flipping it behind you gets some nods of approval.

Throwing in The Flintstones theme into a blues solo is almost universally enjoyed.
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Cool Banjocal, in about eight hours when I can get to youtube again (currently on a military computer) Ill check out the Flintstone riff
I don't know if it's on Youtube or not. It's a very easy ditty to figure out by ear, and can be easily run through in E.
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger