I am after some help choosing an amp and am just after some opinions,

I play mostly stoner rock through to a bit of punk. I get most of my sound from pedals for example fuzz pedals. I want something thats gigable and pretty loud.

I have looked at and played with marshalls and orange and fender amps. I just dont seem to know what to do.

Being that I want to get most my sound from pedals does it really matter what brand I go for? Am I just looking at power. Like obviously marshall and Orange have their own "sound" but does that apply when your getting for sound through effects pedals primarily?

I like the Marshall DT100 due to it being 100 watts so plenty of power and its a good price.

I also like the Orange OR50 and Rockerverb 50.

I just dont know what I should be looking at and am I wasting my money on an expensive orange amp when a cheaper powerful asian made marshall will do?

I dont what to just buy cheap crap either. I do want something thats going to last years of gigging.

Cheers, guys
I don't know much about stoner metal but Marshalls are all around good (Or so I've heard). I've played through a 1960a cabinet and it sounds beautiful, and a JCM head. It's all about trying, listening, and finding the sound that you like doing that. If you're going to get most of your sound from pedals I'm not sure it's worth it to bother with expensive amp heads that aren't even going to contribute that much to the overall sound.
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^ the amp (and the speakers) will contribute a lot to the overall sound even if you're mainly using pedals.

now- if you know you're going to mainly use pedals there probably isn't much point in getting an amp which is mainly aimed at distortion (or paying a large premium for that (say a soldano SLO or something like that) unless you actually really like how the pedals sound through that specific amp, or paying extra for tons of different channels etc. (again with the same caveat as the last point, unless for some reason that amp just sounds right with pedals). But that's a big difference from saying that if you're mainly using pedals than the amp doesn't matter.
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Oranges in general can get pretty doomy and fuzzy on their own. But some are picky with pedals.
You basically want something with a good clean channel and tons of power.

What's your budget? A Verellen Meatsmoke is 300 watts of pure tube doom. Any of their amps could work though. Around the same cost as the big oranges and marshall.

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Verellen is a good call, but it really depends on where you are in the world. They have no dealers in Europe, so getting one out here is pretty expensive. You could literally pick up 3 JCM 800's used for the price of a new Verellen where I live.

I'd go for something like a Rockerverb and find one used and spend the rest of your budget on something like a 612 if you want loads of volume.
get a rockerverb. its one of my favorie amps in my aresonal. i like the 50mki the most, because the 6V6's are just a little nastier than the el34's that the others have.
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I K0nijn I didn't catch were he was from. My bad.

I will second those Oranges though. Haven't heard one I didn't like.
Yeah Im from Australia so im pretty stuck for the big brands here. It seems orange is the go from what most of you are saying though. I think ill keep at eye out of a 2nd hangdrockerverb.
Had no idea where he was, just stating that not everyone is in the US. :-)

Verellen does have a dealer in New Zealand I believe, so that might be an option after all. Still pricey however.

Orange is really nice, but a good Marshall will do the job as well for sure. Not sure what the DT100 is that you're talking about, however.
A DSL might be more common to find and probably would do you really well also. Probably not that do-able price wise, but I'd say a Dual Rectifier can hang as well for stoner.

While some people get clean amps to just run pedals into for stoner, I've seen most people in the genre leave that set-up after a while and get a gainy amp anyway and sometimes even ditch some of their pedals. It wouldn't be the route I'd take, but something like a Fender Bandmaster might be worth checking out as well.
A somewhat dirty amp slammed with a big muff or fuzz sounds sweet. Better than into strait clean to my ears.
Quote by Liaztraht
Oranges in general can get pretty doomy and fuzzy on their own. But some are picky with pedals.
You basically want something with a good clean channel and tons of power.

Just going to chime in here and agree with Liaztraht here - Orange's have a pretty unique sound. Speaking as someone who has played one almost exclusively for the last 4-5 years. They are fantastic amps, very durable, have a huge sound, but they can get fizzy (in a bad way) sometimes depending on what you pair with them. You really need to try an Orange at volume (like any amp) as low volume Orange does not do well, it just doesn't let you really hear what the amp sounds like. Many people demo these at low volume and then crank it up one day and it's a totally different beast and they don't like it. Here's what you need to know about the Orange and this is pretty true throughout their line-up:

1. They are very picky about pedals. You will find many many pedals that sounds great through other amps just sound awful with an Orange. Just the way they are, you have to really demo pedals one by one and then in your signal chain to see if it will work. When you find the ones it likes though, awesome!

2. They have a lot of low-end. Every Orange I've ever played has a lot of low-end, just naturally. I love this because I find it easy to EQ out when you don't want it, but it can be hard to do it the other way I find with other amps whereas the Orange really does deliver a massive and fat sound that hits you in the gut. I love that! But it can be tricky to dial in at volume because it can cause a harsh contrast to the trebles/mids and for a while it may seem like you can't get a balanced sound that isn't too harsh one way or the other. Again it just requires some time, Orange's are finicky things.

3. They like to break up earlier than many other amps, so if what you're looking for is gallons of clean headroom, you'll probably find yourself more in the crunch zone earlier on with the Orange than other amps. It's not that you can't get clean headroom out of a Rockerverb 50, of course you can, it's just not what it was made for exactly so there will be better amps for that (some many have already mentioned).

To finish off my statement let me just say I love the Rockerverbs and I love the OR50, they absolutely rock. These are amps designed to be played loud.

My 2 cents!

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I own a Marshall JCM2000 TSL 100 and a JCM800 1960a cab. I use a Jackson Concord with Dimarzio distortion in bridge and Dimarzio PAF in the neck,(Randy Rhoads replica) from the Jackson's custom shop . I know you guys on here prefer the JCM 800's but the JCM 2000 imo has a great tone. I own the TS9 (tube screamer) -a vintage Dunlop wah,- EVH phaser -and decimator II noise cancelling pedal. That's really all I need and the amp is just so fucking loud!! for stoner metal/rock probably should invest in some weird pedals to get a unique "trippy" sound. I have played a few Orange amps and they really aren't for me. On the other hand Rockverb 50s are amazing also! Hope this helped? Cheers!!
If you are going to use the clean channel + pedals as you have said then i wouldn't drop a huge chunk of cash on the amp, as you are paying for a lot of tone you don't plan on using. If you are sticking with the pedals a good clean channel, good headroom and a good speaker will serve you well. A 100W SS amp might even suit you, as it would have a lot of clean headroom, be loud and low maintenance for gigging and with the money you save you can get a good speaker to go with it.
JS_StarOcean I love the tone they produce. If I could justify the cost of a Rockerverb or Thunderverb I would have got one, but I have been very satisfied with their CR120H. (I'm primarily a drummer and thus spend most cash on drum gear)
I've only seen one other guy on here so far that has one with the same satisfaction with his. Hard to get people to believe in SS!

Pedal wise, everyone hates the metalzone, but on the clean channel of the CR, it was the heaviest and bassiest an mt2 could ever get. It actually sounded great! My home made fuzz also works well on it.

But I rock mine with the onboard gain channel, and with my settings it goes from stoner/doom to an angry metal machine, with the most grinding gut wrenching low mids, just by turning on an sd1 out front.

Trying out a Rockerverb at volume, it could reach the same status, just with more good tubyness. I just couldn't justify the cash for one

Their amps are very mid heavy and have a looser low end, but can tighten up nicely with an od.

Buying an Orange may make you want to ditch your pedals.
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