I want to save up some money and upgrade my Strat and make it a "vintage" one. It's a sunburst Squier affinity and I want to put a tortoise pickguard on it, some kind of cheaper noiseless single coils (advice on which ones I should get would be helpful) for about a hundred for a set, a maple neck or a maple neck with a rosewood finger board (want advice on which one of these I should get) and maybe changing all the hardware to gold including screws, tuners, guitar jack, bridge and neck plate and get aged pickup covers and knobs. I'm also wondering wether this would even look good mainly because I can't seem to find a picture like the Strat I want. Advice on these topics would be much appreciated
You're changing so many fundamental aspects of what is essentially a guitar from a starter pack that the only thing left of it will be the body. Why not just buy a better guitar?
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I have a 20th Anniversary Affinity Strat I bought when it came out and did some mods on. I put Fender 250k pots and switch in it and set of GFS Texas pickups. It's got a $10 pickguard on as well. The rest, the neck and hardware are all stock, didn't see a need to up grade it.

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For all that work, yeah, why not just get a new guitar instead?

I mean, yeah, I'm getting a new humbucker for my Squier Bullet...but I consider that my victim guitar and the pickguard allows me to see what I'm doing during the swap. And it's a $20 one off Guitar Fetish.

Given all the changes you want to do, have you given thought to building your own?
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

justinguitar.com is the answer
I have given the same advice on upgrading and I will reiterate it here. Squiers make some amazing guitars but the Afinity is not on the amazing guitar list. I like your proposed upgrades but I would suggest starting with a better foundation. Ideally, a Classic Vibe but even a good Vintage Modified model would provide a great foundation for your upgrades.
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I want to... Take my American Fender Deluxe Stratocaster and, based on years of going for expensive parts in cheap guitars, I want to use my 1998/1999 serial number DN - xxxxxx Amerian Deluxe as a starting out point 'maybe' 'or keep it stock'.
My Fender I purchased Saturday (like 9 hours ago), has Fender sort of lock-in things behind the tuning pegs enabling it to keep its tune better when the tremolo gets used... So if I were to have a Floyd Rose Original Tremolo with matching nut installed, the Fender'll look so paranoid with not only the Floyd Rose lock in tuning and fine tuning on the Original Tremolo bridge, it's original Fender lock-in things on the back of the headstock for each string... I want that Floyd Rose Original Tremolo floating too, so some wood'll have be cut out; and to fit the new bridge, may aswell get a new scratch plate to fit, I may as well get 2 humbuckers installed and the existing holes filled in hopefully with the same wood as the body, and a 3 way toggle switch with 2 volume 1 tone (or screw that, 1 master volume and 2 tone but the volume pot is also a kill switch)... - I have a lot of parts for this... So it'll be 1 vol/kill switch, 2 tone, 2 humbucker floyd rose original bridge floating with matching lock in nut and a 3 way toggle switch... new scratch plate I want to look like the original with looks like white on black on a white finish, and I want the Floyd Rose bridge to be the same colour coordination as it's original Fender trem bridge; So that'll be a chrome/Floyd Rose Bridge.

Inspired by a former project that is no longer in my position, a cheap guitar with nice parts, I want to

(Old cheap Strat copy/ cheap wood I had parts of notability put into).

'Frankenstrat'/'Super Strat' my

Fender Deluxe but keep the colours looking stock, I can even get white pickups from Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio and Bare Knuckle etc... So that shouldn't be a problem, knobs and switches too..

Rather than put cheap parts on a cheap guitar or upgrade a cheap guitar, like 6 money pits later I've learned... A turd cheap guitar is a turd cheap guitar no matter how much you try to polish it.
So I figure, Idk, my Fender Stratocaster I got today yesterday; fine guitar in it's own right, but; make it my own. Given my experience of doing that to what was essentially firewood.
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