Hello! So as a left-handed guitarist and with my budget (maximum of 700/800eur) i have come to about 3 models i am considering.

I am not a beginner but in no way a pro, so i don't need the best of the best. I usually play metal and blues, so a versatile guitar would probably be a good bet.

The guitars i am deciding on are the Schecter Omen, the Ibanez RGIR20 and the Schecter Damien. From what i have read, the difference betwen the Omen and the Damien is basically the different pickups, which for someone who plays casually might not be a priority.

The Ibanez i mention is because i saw one for sale here : https://www.gak.co.uk/en/ibanez-rgir20fel-bk-black/93882
Is this guitar superior to any of the 2 i mentioned? I don't particularly like black guitars, but if the quality is superior in relation with the price, i would go for it.

What are your thoughts? Any other guitar models i should also look into ? Should i just save some more euros and get an Hellraiser? Where do you leftys usually check for guitars in Europe ? The best websites i found are thomann, GAK and Andertons. Other than that there seems to be hard to find lefty guitars!