I was thinking about buying amp for fingerstyle. I need the best clean sound possible, but i can't buy anything expensive. I was thinking about fender and marshall
Which one will be better? Or maybe i should but something used, like this one?
Get the Fender. 1 watt vs 100 - no contest.

I've been eyeballing the 40 watt Fender Champion. I think the 100 is more for gigging musicians.
This is Jim Soloway (who built the guitar he's using in the video) playing through a Line 6 Pod HD (the desktop "bean" unit) running a Blackface Deluxe model. Around the house, I usually use the same Pod running into a pair of KRK Rokit 8 studio monitors (I think they each have 100W RMS and are very full-range) or, if everyone's asleep, a set of AKG 240D cans.

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) or, if everyone's asleep, a set of AKG 240D cans.

Why? I'm sure your play is quite soothing to fall asleep to!
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Why? I'm sure your play is quite soothing to fall asleep to!

Not even close .
look for an old music man.
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The best Fender or Music Man you can afford. If you can find it, a Hiwatt also has a reputation for excellent cleans, that's why David Gilmour has used them for 30 years. Pete Townsend used Hiwatt too, I'm not sure if he wanted clean or power...

For clean, the most wattage you can get too, the lower you can keep the volume level, the more cleans you can keep. It's called headroom. If you can find a 80 to 100 watt Fender, it will be super clean at lower volumes. Even the lower wattage 30 watt amps will be very clean at low volume, but at stage volume you'll start getting a little breakup. My 1973 Super Reverb is 45 watts, sounds gorgeous at low volume for practice at home, but onstage at loud band volume it breaks up. That's fine with me, I go for that sound. But if I want clean, the Super at 3 on the volume knob is hard to beat. Ditto for every Fender I've ever played. My Champ is the same, 3 or 4 on the volume knob is completely clean, and it's a 6 watt tube amp. Get the volume above 6 and it gets just plain raunchy. I love it With almost any Fender, keep the volume knob below about 5, it's usually clean. Go to 6 or higher, it starts to break up. I usually have mine 7 or higher onstage, good crunchy sound. Eric Johnson uses a Fender Twin Reverb for his clean amp, volume set on 3, a Marshall for leads.

One other option, if you see a vintage Peavey MX sitting around, definitely check it out. Made mid 80's I think.. I played one for 15 years, cleanest amp I've ever owned. Still sitting here on top of a 1967 Kustom 2 x 12 cab, works perfect, I just like my Super Reverb so much I've been using it, and it's only one cabinet to lug around.

You might also check with pedal steel players, they like the cleanest amps they can find.
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