I am preparing to release a bunch of new singles and want to distribute them onto iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music/etc. For those who may not know, CD Baby does not charge an annual fee to distribute your song (i.e. get the song up on those platforms), but to collect your publishing you need to pay to upgrade for every song you want to get paid for. However, Tunecore Publishing only makes you pay a one time fee for EVERY song you ever release - for their distribution though you must pay an annual fee to keep your songs up.

My question is, can I do my distribution through CD Baby to get my songs out there, but then use Tunecore to collect those royalties? This seems to be the best of both worlds, as I can avoid paying a collection fee for CD Baby publishing, while avoiding Tunecore's high annual fees.

Anyone who can help me out, I would really appreciate this! Thank you!

(PS if you want to check out my songs that I have been rambling about you can listen here http://soundcloud.com/joeyburbs)

- Joey