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So the question itself is really clear...always talking for the guitar's biggest part - the body

Please discuss the reasons you've chosen
this wood over others (weight,looks,finishing,hardness,easy to work with,price,ect)
Stupid thread. The very idea of there being an 'ultimate wood' is laughable. As far as any metal player is concerned when it comes to the body, the only differences that matter are the weight and the aesthetics.

But since most metulz guitarists only want black guitars, aesthetics doesn't matter either.
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There's no way to prove what wood is better for any genre for the simple reasons that

A) people can't even decide if different body woods make a big enough audible difference with an electric guitar for you to even worry about it

B) The 'best' is subjective so without knowing what kind of sound you want, it makes the point moot. There is no 'best wood' for any guitar.

C) Combine B and A and realize that the question is essentially impossible to understand.

So the best wood for metal is the wood I get from listening to it, cause the rest is insignificant really.
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I'm going to close this before it turns into another tonewood farce.

Plenty of "discussions" on this if you use the searchbar.