Hello everyone
I am building a guitar using a Schaller Hannes bridge. The bridge comes with graph tech saddles, and as far as I know, they aren't conductive. The newer versions of the bridge comes with 6 string ferrules, instead of a bar like the older models used to have (see picture)
So my question is, do I have to ground my bridge, and how would I go about doing this? If yes, do I have to ground all 6 ferrules or is one enough?
Thanks for any replies,

Schaller Hannes.pdf
Graphtech sells conductive saddles, so it's entirely possible that yours are. I would ground the bridge anyway, it's not that much work and it will at least ground you when you have your hand on the bridge. I don't know how the bridge looks inside, but I know on strats with graphtech saddles you still usually get a ground path through the ball end contact with the block. So there may be another point of contact with that bridge that would still ground the strings.