How awesome is the new bink-182 album? This song is too damn catchy. Such a cool chorus.

Thanks! I've just started university so hope to have the time to upload plenty of covers in the coming months
Nice work!
I think Bored To Death is probably my second favourite track off the album (after Built This Pool, obv). You've got some pretty nice tones going too, though maybe a bit too clean on the verses and a bit too driven on the choruses. What were you using for them?
Crispy vid too!

Any chance you could have a listen to my cover of Brohemian Rhapsody?
CorrosionMedia Nice cover man! My tones are all from a BOSS ME-25 Multi effects pedal, straight int garageband. Yeah i didn't bother setting new tones for the cover, so i used my metal tone in the chorus, so definitely a little bit too aggressive