Yesterday my amp gave out smoke and after some time a sound came out from it. The amp was plugged but was off and I was not playing it. I unplugged it and then cool it down. Now it sounds like nothing has happened but I am worried something is cooking inside. Anybody has any suggestion what may be the problem .?
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What you need is a new amp
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Smoked while it was off and it's still working? Weird. I wonder if there was a bug or something in there (like a literal bug) that touched something in the power supply and got fried? Have you opened it up to look around and see if you see anything scorched looking? Did it have that ozoney plasticy electrical smoke smell?
If you do open it up, please do not touch any of the internals or you may end up shocking yourself and stopping your heart. Do it with the amp off, unplugged. What amp model was it? I guess it is also possible that a strong power surge from the wall blew a fuse or something before the power switch in the circuit.
something is weird here. what amp? where are you located?
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Most likely it is an easy repair. Not sure about the parts cost. But if it burned while it was off, most likely there is a problem with the power supply/switch system. You would have to see if there are other parts damaged