hi all, i purchased a cheap SG, it needed fret levelling so i got it done at the local tech's.

The frets are level but at the very top of the 16th fret, the fretwire is sticking up slightly with a very small gap betweeen the wire and the wood.

i have tried pushing it down but it makes the 17th fret high. i plays ok with the gap but should i try to glue under or use something else to stop the dirt getting under. I dont really want to pay for a new fret

I think you should go back to the tech and ask him what's up. He should've picked it up and fixed it if it's a possible future problem or should reassure you now that it'll be fine.
thanks guys, i don't want to press the fret down any further because it makes the adjacent fret high and buzzy. i am quite happy to leave it because it's quite playable the way it is. was just wondering if dirt getting under the fret would affect i. thanks anyway