Hi can anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out and tell me what chords this girls playing? if you watch the video you can see in the first 20 seconds of the video she is playing simple chords could anyone please help me out! I will give +1

Thanks you all in advance <3

NeoMvsEu Are you sure? as you can see she is only ever using the 3rd & 4th strings then a full strum at the end of the sequence?

thanks for your replyyyyy!
she's playing (EADGBe, low to high strings)

A: x0765x
F#m: xx467x (can do full xx4675 shape)
G#: xx654x
C#m: x46654

(not all strings at once either, but guitar usually plays at least a good part of the context-related chord. As in, xx467x is just F#-C#, but the vocal line has A's in it, which fills out as an F#m chord.)
NeoMvsEu Would it be possible to make me a short video showcasing exactly what shes playing and how to play it? I can send you a donation via paypal!