Hi can anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out and tell me what chords this girls playing? if you watch the video you can see in the first 20 seconds of the video she is playing simple chords could anyone please help me out! I will give +1

Thanks you all in advance <3


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EpiExplorer I appreciate your help butttt, that's just one version of the chords you linked... not the chords or sequence she's playing, anymore ideas?
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EpiExplorer Are you sure? It's nothing like what she's plucking in the video, I'm a starter at guitar and even Am - F - E7 - Am doesn't look like what she is playing

You're in the wrong forum for this anyway, but I'm giving you the hint of:

There's like ten tabs of the song on this site, look at all of them, cross-reference what sounds right to you and you'll be peachy.

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EpiExplorer I'll have a look then thanks mate

ElMaco also I will try this cheers!

Will Lane I know it's tricky to try and figure it out with no fret board :/

anyone else can hit the nail on the head to this question?

thanks in advance
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tell the gurl to make another video where we can see the fretboard

If she would play it naked, that might help as well. (More guys would be willing to watch...)
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The shit
That guys will do
And the songs
That guys are willing to play
To get the girl

Maybe he is a genuine Belieber
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