I think this is gonna be my last request for a while, I got college work to think about but this is driving me insane trying to decipher. Shouldn't be too hard as you can see him playing. It's already tabbed, but this one uses a capo and sounds so damn good. If anyone could help me out then I'd appreciate it.

Don hooked me up again. Thank you for the private message, I didn't see it before I posted this.
Not a problem... I hope it helps and makes it easier for you to,play... It should...
If the chords didn't line up correctly for you in the message all you need do is transpose the song...
If you don't know how to do that ask me and I will tell you how to do that..

Email me at. Guitarzan7@hotmail.com
Though as I can put a lot more words into the message using that instead of the messaging system here on UG