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Being an aunt or uncle is all the best parts of being a sibling and a parent rolled into one. It also allows you to be "cool" to a child family member, even when their teenagers. As such, is it selfish to deny your siblings the opportunity to be in that role?
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy

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The photo shows a boy, with the left strap of his shorts awkwardly hanging off his shoulder, tensely holding his long, thin arms by his side. Clenched in his right hand is a toy replica hand grenade (a Mk 2 "Pineapple"), and his left hand is held in a claw-like gesture; his facial expression is maniacal.

The contact sheet[1] is revealing with regards to Arbus' working method. She engages with the boy while moving around him, saying she was trying to find the right angle. The sequence of shots she took depicts a really quite ordinary boy who just shows off for the camera. However, the published single image belies this by concentrating on a freakish posture - an editorial choice typical for Arbus who would invariably pick the most expressive image, thereby frequently suggesting an extreme situation.[2]

The boy in the photograph is Colin Wood, son of tennis player Sidney Wood.[3][4] An interview with Colin, with his recollections about the photograph, is presented in the BBC documentary The Genius of Photography.

According to the Washington Post, Colin does not specifically remember Arbus taking the photo, but that he was likely "imitating a face I'd seen in war movies, which I loved watching at the time." Later, as a teenager, he was angry at Arbus for "making fun of a skinny kid with a sailor suit", though he enjoys the photograph now.[3]

She catches me in a moment of exasperation. It's true, I was exasperated. My parents had divorced and there was a general feeling of loneliness, a sense of being abandoned. I was just exploding. She saw that and it's like . . . commiseration. She captured the loneliness of everyone. It's all people who want to connect but don't know how to connect. And I think that's how she felt about herself. She felt damaged and she hoped that by wallowing in that feeling, through photography, she could transcend herself.

— Colin Wood[3]
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger
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