I hate the fact that you have to basically spend so much money just to record a decent video, only for ipeople on youtube to bring you down or point out your mistakes, what's the point? The only ones who get praised are the ones who are extremely good and have an amazing thousands of dollars of guitar and recording setup, so their videos sounds and look basically professional. People just take it for granted as if it is the norm, and anything less is just mehhh

I tried to record a video with my camera, it sounds like COMPLETE CRAP, the video looks fine, but sounds is like shit. It is a $2000 camera, yet it sounds like crap. My equipment is not expensive though, but it still. How can that freaking be? So, just to make a good video for the sheeple to watch, i have to spend hundreds if not thousands on

- microphone
- recorder
- expensive setup
- expensive guitar
- find way to record video and audio and then join them to get them to perfection?

and in the end, unless you are really good, nobody will really care, whats the point?

How do they freaking do it?

How do I hustle?

I have no idea how they record those amazing guitar covers, worst of all, they never share or tell you how they did it.
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DSLR for 1080P video, Zoom H1 for sound ($100), synch H1 sound to video track with editing software and...... AWESOMENESS!!!!
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
The problem is you are using your camera's mic to record the main audio. I do not care how expensive your camera is, if you are not using at least one close mic on your amp/sound source, it will not sound good. How would someone appreciate a gear demo or a track if they cannot honestly hear the sound source? Using just a camera, which often have bad microphones anyway, means you are really micing the ROOM, not the sound source. And close micing with the camera is a bad idea as well- if you're micing and amp, it will be a very boring visual experience and the camera mic probably will not take the SPL very well.

Get an SM57 (used for $70 and below) and a Mackie Onyx Blackjack Audio Interface ($99) and you are set for recording guitar amps and a lot of other sources. You can use Audacity (free) as your Digital Audio Workstation to master the audio and export it to mp3 or whatnot. Then put it together with the video in a video editor (Windows Movie Maker works okay, is free) and you are done. Presumably you will mute or have very low the audio from the camera. If you have a smart phone, you have a reasonably good camera already.

And yes, your equipment that you are actually recording and even your playing does matter. No one wants to hear a Squier with a bad setup through a Line 6 Spider, it will sound bad and it is not worth listening to.
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Microphones built into cameras aren't meant to capture high quality audio. At best, they're really only good for syncing external audio.
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Some of these cameras have a line input for either a mixer board or a different mic. A cheap solution if your cam has an external input to premix all sound, essentially the music backing track on one channel and your amp direct emulated on another channel in a little mixer (about $50 Behringer or similar) then feed these two while you conquer the world with your reality altering covers.
You can achieve acceptable recording results with a $100 interface, REAPER and a smartphone camera. As others have pointed out, most cameras focus on video over audio. For professional applications, you'd either sort the audio separately or have a mic specifically for what you're intending to do.
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I love throwing this video out there... they DO tell you how they do it. All the time.

Expensive Gear + Prefect Recordings =/= Immediate Success. Ask Guys like Rob Scallon (worked in a public library), or Fluff (worked for Evertune). I think Ola is a bit of an exception as he was already an established musician before he was on YT.

Don;t kid yourself... these guys worked for their shit, and still do.
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I'm the kind of guy that tries to get by with the bare minimum and I've come up with a decent solution for recording my material with minimal expense.

Recording setup:
mic - I have an old sennheiser condenser mic that I placed in front of my amp and covered up the amp & mic with a few pillows for sound dampening
power - I use a direct box to provide phantom power to the mic
output - xlr to 3.5mm converter jack to plug it in to my PC

ALTERNATIVE MIC - You can also get cheap condenser mics that have a usb output that don't require a direct box: https://www.amazon.com/CAD-U37-Condenser-Recording-Microphone/dp/B001AIQGUO/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1474383851&sr=8-3&keywords=usb+condenser+microphone

Video: I use my Galaxy s7 for recording video/audio and I use the audio from it to sync with the externally recorded audio ^

Recording Software:
- I use a trial version of Mixcraft for mixing and track layering (trial version does not allow exporting)
- I use Audacity to essentially create/"mix down" my mp3's (to do this I simply record the computers internal audio while playing the mixed tracks from mixcraft)
Video Editing Software:
- Luckily I have Adobe Premier available to me (this can be expensive to buy outright though)
- there are some other free video editors out there that can allow you to layer the video and audio tracks

I'll let you be the judge of the quality if you want to check out how this setup sounds:

Luckily I had the stuff I mentioned above already available because our church had a bunch of unused equipment.

At most though you could have a decent setup for less than $100

I'm assuming you already have a guitar, amp, decent smartphone, and cables.
If you don't mind using a phone.... May I suggest a lumia 1520.... they the decible reducing speakers, and with a good micro sd record up to 2160p, and cheap at this point. If there was a way to upload video I would
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