I am thinking of purchasing a Hagstrom Swede SE. I really like the size overall, a bit bigger bigger than an LP, including the neck radius. However I will most likely install a bigsby and switch out the pickups to better P90s.
I have played a Super Swede Tremar and I definitely liked it, but wasn't totally in love. It does feel slightly plasticy. Not so much that I couldn't live with it..
But my question is, for being a guitar that is under 700 dollars, that is a solid body p90, isn't a fender style, and not so small as an LP or SG, is this the best guitar to get?
I am being picky, I know. And if I had 1000 bucks or more it would be easier. I have no problem doing some work on it to make it more to my liking, and I don't need bells and whistles with the finish or features, but I just wonder if there is another guitar out there that may be slightly more solid feeling in that price range. I know the LP juniors and SG classics are great, but I am a larger guy and just don't want the smaller body and neck radius.
i was going to say one of the gibsons maybe, but if they're too small...

plus it's not just $700, it's $700 plus all those upgrades. i'm not that well up on USA pricing but personally I reckon you could do better (but i haven't tried that particular hagstrom).
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