I have an Ibanez RG421.

My neck was warped (I could see it clearly) so I fretted the first and 19th fret (body joint) and found the gap at the 7th-9th fretwires too much, so I tightened the truss rod until the gap was just enough for a business card to go through (raising the string slightly).
I then lowered the bridge until I got action as low as possible without buzz. I then checked my intonation and it was almost spot on at the 12th fret. Everything seems fine right now, but my neck is still as warped as ever and this bothers me very much.

Unlike ordinary relief where the headstock and the body joint are on the same level with a dip in between, my neck dips just a teeny bit but then curves up so that the headstock is above the level of the body joint. I can hear buzz if I pick too hard, especially at the first few frets of certain strings or if I mute heavily, but this is pretty much absent when plugged in.

Is there something I can do to fix this bend? Should I take it to a professional? Should I just learn to live with it?