Hey guys, i would like to know what are Dead by April amp settings ?
I know their guitarist Pontus Hjelm uses 8 string guitar : Mayones, Ibanez. His guitar tone are really heavy and good.
I really want to know his amp settings.

i mean to this guitar tone.

I use Bias Fx & Ableton Live 9
My gear :
Schecter Damien Elite 7
Tascam US366

I am trying to get their sound on Bias but it's not going as well :-)
my guitar are tuned on Drop F.

If you know their tone please post it here, it's will be helpful.
Amp settings have very little to do with the sound if you do not know the amp, and if you do not have the same amp they are using. We do have a settings thread but I do not see much use in it because the actual amps used are not listed, nor do any of the settings apply to any other amp aside from the one the user was using.

You should be able to get in the same ballpark by using some sort of heavy amp simulation (6505, ENGL, etc., I do not know Bias FX's roster) from Bias, take out the midrange a bit, adding in a Tubescreamer pedal as a boost, and you are set.