Hi! I am an intermediate self-taught guitar player. I have learned most of my stuff by playing songs, reading tabs and watching videos. I can totally nail the fingerstyle and somewhat slap and chuck. I have recently purchased an electric but I am worried that playing with a pick is getting kinda sloppy for me. It's just the start so should I be worried or not? I practice 7-8 hrs. maximum per day. I can do whichever song I want perfectly but it just takes time; maximum 1-2 days. Also that I can't catch notes on the guitar as fast as my friend who have been taught by tutors do. I wanna do that. So please tell me if there are things I'm missing out on or it's just that my skills and ear for the guitar will develop with the stride of time.

Thanks in advance.
Friendly tip: if you say "I can learn any song I want in 1-2 days" you're only inviting people to troll you.

Secondly, 7-8 hours is a long ass time and probably a waste of energy. How much of that 7 hours is actually practice, and how much of it is noodling? 7 hours of hard practice a day is so excessive that it probably does more harm than good.

Play for 6 months, and if you still think you're sloppy ask again. If you're a fingerpicker, flatpicking takes time so don't panic just yet. Maybe get a teacher as well if you possibly can, as that would help a ton.
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