Hi guys

I have been playing for about five years, although never had to much money to invest on gear, after the shoebox amp I got with my first guitar (a cheap strat copy) I had a Vox DA15, and after that I got a Roland cube 40xl which is my current amp.

Now I have decided to buy my first valve amp, my budget is 600-700 dollars (converting currency) and I have been thinking in a low wattage head with a 1x12 cab since I only need it for practice in my house and for rehearsal with a band.

In my country there a not a lot of options, a lot of gear is overprice, and also the used market just simply sucks. The amps I have seen avalaible in the stores in my city and that I really dig in are the Orange Dark terror, the Egnater tweaker, and the Vox Nightrain g2 15.

A turn off for me, about the Vox was seeing this review and hearing about the "fan noise" by the reviewer and in the comments, I heard the Orange and the Egnater are relatively quieter, especially the egnater, there my first question, is this really true? the vox being noisy, the othe ones quieters?.

The orange was my first option, I think the only downside is the straightforward controls, but I don't mind about that, I can be happy with only one tone, "just plug n play", but the orange is pushing my budget, I cant get it with the orange 1x12 cab for less than 750. Then I saw the Egnater on the website of a little store in my city, I think they are the only ones in my country that distribute that brand, and I can get it with the cab for 600.

I see three downsides from the Egnater, first I heard criticism about the celestion speaker that comes with the cab, how it "farts", it is a elite GH-50 by celestion, but thats not a problem since I can get the egnater head with the orange cab, which have a celestion vintage 30, for the same total of 600, there my second question, would this be a good decision, it is the orange cab better?

the other two downsides are the lack of gain, I heard the egnater have less gain than the Dark terror, and it can't go completely metal, but I don't need tons of gains, I enjoy playing with just the "right amount" if you know that I mean, but I still want to be able achieve a credible metal tone (only when playing metal and not rock, punk). Here is a video of some guy playing metal with the amp
and it seems to deliver enough gain for my needs.

The last downside is the fact that the orange can be played as a 7 watts and as a 15 watts, while the tweaker (I think) can only be played as a 15 watts.
As I understand, valve amps sound better the more you push them, so playing the Dark Terror in 7 Watts will be easier to push at lower volume and achieve a better tone, right?

I casually play above "bedroom level", I practice in a wide open room of my house and also I am lucky, since I have neighborghs that are very comprehensive with the noise, music and never had any problems. So even playing alone in my house I play somewhat loud, let's say, louder than beedroom level but quieter than rehearsal level or to play over a drum set, I would be able to achieve a good tone with the eggnater at those volumes?

I would be really grateful if you guys could answer my question and also make some comment about the general situation, insight I may be missing, wrong notions in my train of thought, etc.

Also sorry for the long post and bad english (not my native language).
Out of the 3 you mention I'd go with Orange (and I already did - Tiny Terror though). The Egnater speaker "farts" indeed.
How about any Laney amps? VC40 maybe?
The Egnater does decent AC/DC and stops about there. It needs some help from an overdrive which will probably set you back another $100 or so, and the speaker - I honestly am not a fan of the speaker and I am not sure you'd be able to cut above a drummer in most cases.
Look if you can buy the Harley Benton Celestion loaded cabs in your area, you might be able to go Orange head and that...and btw - I don't find the tone knobs limiting at all, you can change tone with the guitar volume and tone knobs as well.
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diabolical Hi diabolical

Did some research and found nothing about Harley Benton cabs near where I live.

Other cabs avalaible around here are the 1x12 of the vox nightrain g2, a 2x12 Randall RG, and a 1x12 Ampeg GVT, all of those around 300 bucks, about the same price the egnater or the orange pc112.

of all of those you think the Orange would be the best? what is your opinion on that orange cab?

About those laney, I did not found any VC40, only VC15 and 30, there are any major changes in sound and feature other than the wattage?

I found the VC15 around 500 to 600 buck, and the VC30 around 650 to 750, which again, is at the pushing end of my budget.

I forgot to mention other option avalaible near and also at the top of my budget, the blackstar ht studio 20 combo, which is here around 700-750, any thought about that amp?
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I am also a fan of the oranges I have a dual terror that has treated me very well.

as far as Egnater goes, I would pass. I owned a tweaker, renegade, and a rebel. they are full of stupid features that look nice on paper and fail to deliver when you plug into one.

go orange.
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Quote by telemakhos_19
As I understand, valve amps sound better the more you push them, so playing the Dark Terror in 7 Watts will be easier to push at lower volume and achieve a better tone, right?


The actual volume difference between 7 and 15 watts is pretty small, and you're not going to be "pushing" the power end at either wattage at anything less than wall-rattling volumes.

Which is actually ok, since your distortion (tone, if you will) is going to come from your preamp in most cases anyway, and the final volume is immaterial in that instance.

Human ears tend to like things louder, we believe they sound better, but it has nothing to do with what amp you're using or how that amp generates it'[s output.

"Low Wattage" is a marketing term, not a useful aspect.
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