I play mainly metal and low tunings. I'm considering two different guitars - the Jim Root Telecaster or the ESP Horizon NTB. Which one of these would you guys pick and do you have any experiences with them?
what attracts you to those specific guitars?
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Well aside from the fact that they are both aimed at metal, they are pretty different. Really if you don't have any preference for the feel of one over the other, I say flip a coin.

I could say which one I would buy, but that's based solely on my taste in guitars, not anything objective.
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Both guitars will do it. A cursory glance at my gear list would tell you which way I'd go, but really here the only thing that should decide it for you is your own preference either aesthetically or in terms of feel. Even just which one you think you'd look better with, if nothing else decides it for you. Otherwise yeah, flip a coin
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yeah i haven't tried either but i don't see why either wouldn't do it- it's just basically which you prefer, as everyone's been saying.
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