SO, I currently have an LTD MH-1000ET and I put it up for sale in order to fund some other gear but that gear has since been snapped up so I no longer need to sell but I did receive a couple of interesting offers. One was for a straight up trade for a Schecter KM-6, the other was for cash (less than I was asking for but) I found a Washburn Ola Englund Solar16ETC used that I could get for that amount.

Both guitars are located a fair distance from me and there are none locally so I can't get any hands on to see if they would be a step up or not so I thought perhaps some of you might have some first hand experience with one or multiple models to offer some opinions.

All the models are similar - superstrat, 25.5" scale, 24 fret, I like the aesthetics of all so that is not really an issue.

The Guitars and my thoughts

I like the MH, love the evertune bridge, neck is comfortable - I prefer the LTD extra thin profile but not available with the evertune, also has gloss neck finish which works but I prefer satin, EMG pickups work but not my favourite.

KM-6 - I love the specs on this guitar, ebony fretboard, SS frets, SD pickups, I have also heard (online) that the guitar is pretty light, the MH being mahogany has some heft to it and I prefer lighter guitars. The two biggest issues 1. the bridge, hipshot vs evertune I see as a downgrade 2. neck - the specs say that the neck is an ultra slim profile just wondered how it compares to the LTD, my experience with schecters in the past I always found their necks a little chunkier.

Solar16ETC - This one basically has to me the benefits of both - ebony fretboard, satin neck finish, evertune bridge, but I haven't held one so I don't know how the neck on them is, also don't know how they fair weight wise, some people say they are light.

any insight or opinions are welcome - is it worth changing guitars are is the difference negligible?
I've played the regular version of the MH1000 and the Solar and I'd buy the Solar every day of the week, to be honest. It's a really nice guitar that delivers in spades. Super light, by the way, although that probably varies from guitar to guitar. I can't really remember what the neck profile was like, but I remember it played really well.

I'd say it's down to preference between the Solar and the LTD. Both are good guitars regarding quality and they have some very similar features. On the other hand, you might prefer the satin feel of the Solar and the lighter weight. I wouldn't base it on pickups either, because you can always swap those out.
I've heard literally nothing but amazing reviews of the KM-6. It seems that everyone who touches one falls in love, and says that it's among the best guitars they've ever played, and better than other guitars they have that were twice the price. The neck is the thinnest neck Schecter makes, so if you've found other Schecters to be "chunky", that probably won't be an issue with the KM-6. As for the hipshot vs evertune, Keith Merrow actually could've put an Evertune in the KM models, and chose not to. He had prototypes with them, and said that while he liked the idea of the evertune, he felt that the extra hardware was a bit of a tone-suck, and with a good hipshot bridge and locking tuners (which the KMs have), tuning stability is hardly an issue anyway.
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Get the KM-6. It's by far my favorite guitar Schecter makes (although I generally don't like Schecters). It's got a really nice combination of features.

The Evertune bridge is a gimmick imho. If you have a guitar that is decently well set up and decently designed, you're not really going to have tuning stability problems anyway.
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