If God Were A Metal Band It Would Sound Like GOD - Metal At The Gates - https://metalatthegates.com/2016/09/15/review-god-god-i/

"We get a lot of submissions from bands around the world and though a lot are pretty cool, every now and then there’s a band that really catches our eye. Combining mystery, philosophy, and well-crafted progressive metal is GOD. " - Metal At The Gates

God is multi-layered instrumental progressive metal utilizing a wide range of distorted / clean 4-5-8 string basses & baritone / standard 6 string guitars to create the sound of God. God utilizes multiple keys & tunings, complex chord progressions, intense polyrhythms, extensive layers and a strong sense of melody in each song.

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"Shrouded in mystery, we’re not sure who is behind the scenes of GOD. All that we know is that GOD is a multi-layered progressive metal juggernaut waiting to be discovered by the metal community at large. Utilizing 4, 5, and 8 string bass guitars, 6-string and baritone guitars, and complex musical structures, the band creates a unique sound that differs greatly with each track. One of the most prominent features of GOD’s debut album GOD I is the emphasis on melody over bone crunching heavy metal. Of course, the music is plenty heavy. " - Metal At The Gates - https://metalatthegates.com/2016/08/27/underground-spotlight-god/

God utilizes the concept of Inception through each song title on "GOD I", the debut album from God.

This 10 track multi-layered progressive instrumental metal album challenges you to consider God, Creation, Salvation, Sin, Free Will, Destiny, Denial, Hate, Love and more. Each song title utilizes this concept in a unique video for each song to ask questions rather than force opinions, ideas, concepts on to viewers.

The album will be released in 2 week intervals starting on August 22 thru December 25, 2016. Releasing 1 song every 2 weeks with a video to coincide with each release.

GOD represents something greater than the one who was lead to channel this concept, this sound and this message to listeners all over the world. Due to the topics, title and reverence to the subject matter the writer- producer of GOD sincerely wishes to remain anonymous.
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