Hi guys,

Been playing for a year now, playing mostly metal and I updated my gear for this:
Schecter Hellraiser C1
Valvetronix ad50vt-xl amp

I also just bought a used line 6 2.0 pod. it sounds like crap running it through my amp even when I set the amp for a clean sound and running the pod through it. Am I doing something wrong? I tried to use the pod alone with the guitar using headphones but I don't know if something is wrong with my beats headphone but it doesn't work either ( i bought a cheap adaptor so that i could plug the headphone into the pod output jack). I would also like to play with my pod through my computer sound system or even my home theatre sound system (is that even possible?) and don't know how to do that.

Please help

Thanks a lot

If your amp has an FX loop then run the pod through that.

Running your POD in front of your amp means your amps tone will effect the tones your POD is producing. It won't sound good like that in most applications. What amp are you using? Using it with your home theater system should be as easy as plugging into the aux input of it from your POD.
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Try it in the effects loop, and then turn off amp modeling and set the A.I.R. mode to AMP.

For sound system you might have luck with the headphone out to an AUX in, with AIR mode on. Into the computer you'll want to run the POD outputs into an interface since the 2.0 doesn't have a USB out.

This is all assuming the POD is working properly. If you don't get any sound going through headphones, something is wrong.
agree. PODs end to sound like ass if in front of the amp (I know mine does) just use the fx and skip the modeling.