So Ive been playing guitar for about two years now and I still cant get the g string to ring out properly on my Fm chord on the first fret. I am thinking that Im just not able to given the odd shape of my knuckles. I have very large knuckles and I feel like it is making it impossible for me to play barre chords on the first fret. I have less issues further down the fret board but still with the Em shape i always have issues with the g string. Is it possilbe that I am just physically unable to play this chord?
I'll be honest I've been playing for about 8 years and on electric I do have to add lots more pressure than normal to get them to ring out and on acoustic its near impossible for me. I do have slim weak fingers. You will learn theirs lots of places you can play a F chord. I don't think it's physically impossible for you to play it thought. Have you checked you action or changed string gauge.
Fm was the first bar chord i learned. push your guitar against your body with your arm and push your thumb against the neck. Make sure your index is not curled too. Check the nut action specifications too to see if anything is off
Yo thanks, I'm getting closer, I believe, but its just frustrating. I haven't checked my action or changed the string gage so thats something ill definitely look into. I feel like its my technique that is letting me down as I've never taken a lesson.