HI mates,

Just wanted to share my experience as a first jam. To put you into situation, Im a guy that has been playing guitar for 3 years and a half now, and I decided that it was time to take the step to play with people, so I just went to a website and asked for some peers to jam with. Today we met me, the singer and a drummer. The drummer was 18 year old guy, that has been playing for almost 10 years and was just very nice. The singer was awesome as well, he has been singing for almost 11 years- And then there was me, a 3 and a half year experienced guitar guy, who has been taking lessons for almost 2 years and knows some scales
like pentatonic, natural minor and harmonic minor (Im into blues/rock music, so useful scales though).

When we were starting the jam, we started with a very well known song, Knocking on heavens door, and I played mostly correct because I know the chords and that. When I say mostly is because I dont know entirely the whole solo part, I can just play over the G major scale(flling the gaps) and thats it.. When I play guitar, most of the time I practice consists on improvising over the scales Ive learned.

But the difficulty arose early. When we were about improvising, my groove wasnt that bad I think, but mostly power chords and the strumming pattern sounding quite repetitive maybe, and then at some point I just switched and the battery didnt know what to do or how to follow (IM NOT BLAMING HIM, IT WAS TOTALLY BECAUSE OF ME, KEEP READING).

Then I suddenly realised that, in fact, this was my first jam session and I have no experience at all to play with others, moreover, with a drummer. Things were fine for some moments, when I was playing the chord progression the singer aimed to improvise nice lyrics, but then the soloing part (the most important for me since I pretend to be a lead guitarist some day) was just crap, a bunch of nonsense notes I was playing, keeping my mind all the time not to fall off the scale, which I think just didnt let me focus on the melody. In summary, it was a chaos and there were some tense moments were both guys asked me to groove differently, change a bit the pattern, things like that... At the end, both the drummer and the siger were exchanging numbers and I felt a bit out of place, I had the feeling that I didnt connect with them somehow. Somehow, I think that makes sense to me, since it has been the first time for me playing with other people in a nice room, with all the equipment and everything, but afterwards I felt a bit intimidated. The jam ended with a "yeah see you in the next one", meanwhile I saw how the drummer took the singer back to his place (far away from the jamming area), whereas I had to take a train back. I think they just wanted to talk between them about the jam, and how did they found it with me there, probably the lack of connection was mentioned.

After it, I felt totally disappointed, and felt like I sucked. It has been a weird feeling i cant describe, it was just a little voice in my head saying "Ok guy, you thought you were ready for this, but the truth is, you arent" That moment when I just realised, I havent played with other people before, and that this lack of experience was in fact very important. We met just because we wanted to start up with a band or something, but this feeling of non-connection has made me think about what I am prepared for and not.

I would just want to know of similar experiences guys, maybe the level of the two of them was to high (please dont missunderstand, its not that I suck with the sound I make, its just about HOW DO I MAKE IT WITH THE REST OF MATES, if it makes sense or not) When I was comiing back home I felt too discouraged to be honest, since I had the feeling we wont meet up again (at least, me with them) because of that. Anyway guys, any tips or comments will be welcome, the more honest and open you are the more I will valorate your opinions, cheers

It was fun at some stages yeah, I really felt at some points in connection with the drummer and what the singer was singing but then at the end there were just some moments were they asked me to change a bit the strumming pattern or making it more agressive with more distorsion (this last thing I just thought it could be maybe to "hide" a bit some defects on playing or something, I dont know, Im a very suspicious person in that situations have to admit)
I wouldn't sweat it. You'll get used to playing with other people by, you know, playing with other people. Think of it as a learning experience and improve on what you could've done better.
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Practice your rhythm guitar playing.
Change your technique up a bit.
Accent different chords now and then when playing the same rhythm.

Use a metronome and play the same chords for like 10+ minutes.
Change things up, while still keeping time and keeping the same tempo.
Make it sound as interesting and different from minute to minute as you can.
play how you play, if they dont like it fuck em

i mean
dont suck

but you do you

and if they dont like it, fuck em

do practice playing in time tho, keeping time is everything. the rest will fall into place
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They've been doing it a lot longer than you and it was your first time playing with others. It would be weird if you HAD impressed them enough to exchange numbers. You need to have been playing with others for a fair while before anyone good would really want to be in a band with you. I would suggest jamming with people closer to your skill level, or just lowering your expectations.
just keep at it man
jamming is always a good time as long as everyone is open to new sounds and trying new shit
i recommencemend recording ALL of your jam sessions, so you can look back on riffs and stuff, and its a good way to see your progression

check it out this is one of my first jam sessions with my drummer only (before the rest of the group joined), and we had a fking blast and ended up playing some good stuff

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I had the option to join a jam session in a fete de la musique, an annual music festival in France. It was in a small bar in a tiny town where everyone knew each other and we're well prqcticed. I knew I would have been the odd one out so turned down playing.

In terms of the numbers thing I've been there... I remember last year I was at an open mic night and did my set, I'm not very good at performing, I scrape by.... It sucks when a guy goes around everyone but you who has performed to invite them to a music society. I felt like the one left out for sure and put me off trying for a while.
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are you jam session experienced?
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