Firstly, I'm not an advanced player. I study away from my home.
I have an Ibanez SZR520. I can say that it's well worn. I'm the third owner. I got it for a really good price few years ago.
Now I wonder if I should buy a new guitar here where I study, or take SZR520 to an overhaul and ask someone to bring it to me. (I can do the second option in a week)
I can spend $500 max. I'll also buy Rocksmith after this, to play guitar on computer and practice.
I'm open for all suggestions.
Depends on the overhaul we're talking about. I wouldn't look at new guitars in the $500 range - I'd rather go for used, Godin usually have great used prices as they are a bit underrated, I got an LG for $320 and I would put it against a Gibson Les Paul with ease...well, it is a bit of an ugly duckling but a great player. This one is same as mine:
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Used Godins on eBay cover a lot of territory, in the of visual style.


There are some real gems on that list, too- even some I've put on my watch list. Shopping there or on Reverb.com will recal hundreds of options,

Not just on Godins, either- you should be able to find good deals in your price range on G&L Tributes, Ibanezes, and other makers as well.

But the keys to deciding are how messed up your Ibby is, how soon do you need to act, and- let's be honest with ourselves- how much you really want a different guitar.
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Replacing frets is par for the course. When it comes to replacing a trem or all electronics, that's gonna cost you
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