I like this! The progression at the very beginning reminds me of some nostalgic video game music for some reason. Makes me wanna bang my head. Really like all the harmonies throughout the song, all tastefully done. I think the kick drum is my favorite thing about this track though lol... it sounds so punchy and fat. I like the solo, comes in at a good time and has some nice harmonies. I liked the beginning part of the solo the best then I found myself hoping there would be more fast harmonies like that but it's all good. The outro is cool too, liking the stop-go chug of the rhythm mixed with the melodies. Overall excellent song!

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I really enjoyed this. Some nice shredding skills you've got there. I don't normally go for "shreddy" music because I often feel like the rhythm guitar riffs are kind of plain and boring because the whole point is to show off the shred skills. But this song has got the whole package -- nice riffs that are amply present in the mix and solos/shredding passages that are not overdone, yet still impressive. I liked your vocals as well -- nice amount of angst there! I can't say that I've heard many bands with that vocal style -- it's not exactly death metal style, but it's not whiney metalcore style either. It's just angry, fast, and clear. Great job!

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Excellent stuff,mate! Reminds a bit of early COB...

Really liked the kick drum, it's just...so in your face,fat and heavy. Just the way it should be in this kind of music. The solo was nice and there were some cool harmonies going on.

Few pointers,though...

Try lowering the gain on the rhythm guitars just a tiny bit and do a small eq dip. around 4,5-5Khz to get rid of that nasty fizz.
Also, while dynamics are always good, you have massive spikes pretty much everywhere so try compressing the master bus a bit.
All in all, great job!

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