I've been playing with some new VSTs and came up with this today. Looking for feedback on production/the mix. Also, wouldn't mind feedback on performance (did it all myself, with a solid buzz...hence the title). Realize this one may have some timing issues, but any other feedback would be much appreciated.
hey, that was nice, the acoustic intro reminiscent of late Johnny Cash or something. The vocal made it feel quite 90s, and then when the drums and electrics kick in it definitely feels so, like Stiltskin. The mix needs work cos the vocal got drowned when the electric guitars kick in. The ending could be resolved a bit better too; have a proper fade out or more decisive end IMO. Overall, it was enjoyable.

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Yeah, sometimes the timing could be better, but mostly ok. Guitar riffs are good, I like the slide guitar (kind of like Chris Isaac). I like the higher notes on the verse vocals better than the low ones; overall the singing is pretty good. Bass & drums are fine. Somehow the ending/fade out could have been better, but the song itself is good. Please review my music at this link:

The song has a good vibe to it, reminiscent of Chris Isaak but slightly more rock. Production seems to be pretty good for what I'm assuming is an home recording set up. I thought the vocals were a good fit to the melancholy of the song. The heavier middle of the song seems at ends with the two acoustic sections that bookend it, this may be more of a pacing issue, though - the heavier part should go longer and the final acoustic part should be shorter.

The song has a nice vibe to it and the slide guitar parts were just wonderful. The singing was good too, but it got buried by the dist. guitars, so that's definitely something to work on. The ending was a bit harsh, so maybe end the song more decisively or let it fade out for a while?

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