I have a good distortion pedal, a good enough tuner and a nice tube combo amp, so now I would like more pedals. I was thinking a chorus, or a wah, but then I saw the DigiTech RP1000. I would only want to spend about 200$ on pedals, butdefinetly not on a single one unless it was the Digi. What should I do?

I realised I did not mention the music I play. I like metallica pre black album and nirvana, and really dont play much else. If I were to get a wah i would want a spring wah (ie morly power wah, bad horsie wah) so I can play yhe the Cliff Burton stuff on bass, wich a play a lot less than guitar. The chorus, I would want something like a Roland Jazz Chorus sounding thing for any song that involves clean and for Nirvana solos. Thanks for reading, and sorry for grammer!
if that is all you play i would just get a chorus and delay.

you can get some decent stuff relatively cheap used if you look.
Metallica? Just get four wah pedals

Jokes aside, if you're not into much experimenting I'd do what trashed said and get a chorus and a delay. One of my favourite pedals of all time is the BOSS DD-3 (Digital delay) because it sounds so good. Are you planning on doing any experimenting with your sound or are you just going to play metallica and nirvana?
Who needs shred when you've got rhythm guitar? :^)
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it depends what you want to do. the individual pedals will be much higher quality than that digitech, but if you want a little bit of everything maybe you want a unit like the digitech.

i don't like digitech MFX processors in general. YMMV.
you can do the research, if i were to get a MFX, i would look for a line 6 pod x3 live, or if you don't need the models, a line 6 m13.

zoom has a decent cult following on here. i haven't played one in ten years, i am sure they have come a long way.

as far as the boss, i have no idea.
I settled on a Morley Bad Horsie 2 and a TC Electronic Corona Chorus. Used you can get both for under $200 delivered.
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