Hi I really want to buy a guitar but I'm not trying to get to serious I'm thinking like dirt cheap like my budget is 60-70 bucks but I don't want to buy a toy either I don't know much about what I'm doing it do know I want anothing acoustic I know I want western... I think lol (I'm not sure if that's the one with the nylon strings or not but I don't want the nylon string one) I just wanna mess around with it is this one a toy or not ? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/rogue-starter-acoustic-guitar/519266000030000?cntry=us&source=3WWMWXGP&gclid=Cj0KEQjw0_O-BRCfjsCw25CYzYoBEiQAqO9BDEF5btodK9d_gtm4kOSQOLGxwBlYlXtM515OhyhIU9UaAiNO8P8HAQ&kwid=productads-adid
I really like the color and reviews are ok it says 7/8 size but I think I'm fine with that if there is another better guitar you could recommend that would be great but I want it to be blue thank you and yes I know I'm very new to this
Neither is horrible...both are inexpensive and cheap...perhaps unplayable.
I can't tell from just a picture.
Of the two, the second one you posted will most likely sound better. The dreadnought shape
facilitates a better bass response.

Better yet, get a few more dollars in your pocket and hit the used guitar market...and bring a friend who knows how to evaluate acoustic instruments.
Please do yourself a favor and get a guitar with good action. Makes learning so much easier. Ask around to see if any friends have an old axe they don't want anymore. I have 8 guitars and I'd love to give a couple away to friends (if they ever express interest in learning).

I'd even consider getting an electric. Why? Because there are millions of decent, very cheap, "starter kit" guitars out there being sold by folks who realized that guitar is a lot harder than it looks and who gave up. I own an Epi Les Paul Special II, one of those types of guitars. It's great...sure the tuners are kinda cheap and the strap pegs aren't the best, but the action is great, the neck is slim and highly playable. It brought me back to playing, even though I only play acoustic these days.
Action is how far the strings sit above the neck btw. The higher it is the harder it is to play. Cheap acoustics almost always have high action making them hard to play. This can sometimes be sorted with a setup, but you'll need to pay almost the cost of the guitar again to do that so kinda pointless. It is likely they have bad intonation too, which means the notes higher up the neck will sound out of tune but that's probably not a concern for a newbie. Tuning pegs are probably not great either so it will probably go out of tune after each session. Not a big deal, but just to let you know.

That said, I started on the most POS guitar you ever played. The bridge was lifting, the action was shocking. But it was enough to get me started.
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My first guitar couldn't even be tuned! Some of the strings were a little sharp, some a little flat. Sounded like crap. Action, probably at least 1/4" at the 1st fret. The neck was twisted, had no torsion bar, and the tuners were semi-stripped out. It was a little parlour style guitar, generic namebrand. I bet it was 20 years old, at least. It cost me $20 and I think I got taken advantage of!
i actually have a rogue starter acoustic guitar. it definitely needed a set-up when we got it - action was high, neck needed less relief. it didn't sound great, but once we got decent strings on it, it's surprisingly playable for a cheap laminate guitar and has more bass than others in a similar price range. my husband cut a sound port in it, which gave it a little more depth.

that being said, really cheap guitars tend to be inconsistent, so you can't expect the same situation. our rogue starter was well intonated, which is often not the case with cheap guitars. but musiciansfriend has always made things right for me - once they paid for me to get a bass set up in a special situation, and they did an exchange with an item that didn't work very quickly and painlessly. so hopefully if your guitar has issues, they should help you out.
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I think that this emphasises the importance of budgeting for a decent set up when you buy a guitar, and it doesn't just apply to inexpensive ones.

I completely agree.
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I think that this emphasises the importance of budgeting for a decent set up when you buy a guitar, and it doesn't just apply to inexpensive ones.

Wouldn't it be cool if it was routine for shops to setup guitars prior to selling them at no extra cost? I can imagine it would cost a ton...shops would have to hire more guys to work on the guitars.
I have two suggestions for getting a passable cheap acoustic guitar. Check out the $79 Jasmines with free shipping on Amazon. They are a subsidiary of Takamine, and they have hundreds of great reviews. My Takamine sounds pretty good. The other suggestion is to try shopgoodwill.com. They have lots of guitars up for auction used there, and sometimes you can pick up a real bargain. I just got a 1976 Yamaha FG 160-1 Black Label for $71 and shipping. Of course, it does help to know a bit about guitars, first. Or you may just throw your money away.
Go to www.guitarcenter.com and check out their used gear section. I've seen some Fender and Epiphone Acoustics going for around that price. Sure you'll probably have to pay like a extra $20.00 or so for shipping but at least you'll have something that has some quality to it and not one of those no name brands that you get on Amazon or E-Bay that are crap .