It's been about 1½ year since I bought my RG421-wk and I thought it was time to make an upgrade from my Ibanez INF pickups.
Over time, I have been finding them slightly uncontrolled, particularly in highs and deep lows.
I have been searching around the internet for pickups that would suit my need, but to no avail.

I'm looking for a pickup capable of crunchy lows when distorted, and clear-sounding cleans undistorted.
My main influence is Opeth, and the cleans on the Damnation record is what I am seeking, an example being the solo on Windowpane.
As for the distortion, I am slightly uncertain, but somewhere between the sound of Deliverance and Ghost Reveries.

I know my bugdet isn't particularly high, so in case there isn't a decent jack-of-all-trades in my price-range,
I would much rather have either a clean or distorteed pickup that could improve my concern the most. Basically, I'm just looking for a pickup (be it neck or bride) to improve my sound.

Since I live in Denmark, my shopping possibilities are limited to northern Europe.

Thanks in advance!
Lace Deathbucker would be my first choice.

Here's a guy comparing Deathbuckers to EMGs.

I would also look at Railhammer Anvils or Chisels


Railhammer demos by Dennis Kayzer

Railhammer demos by Rick Beard

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dannyalcatraz Thanks for your effort in helping me, I will definitely keep them in mind.
Check out Wilde L500XLs. They're beasts. I know at this point I may look like I'm advertising for them but they're actually amazing. I have one for my bridge and it's a high output, clean, amazing pickup.
(They're also called Bill Lawrence L500XLs but there are basically two companies that sell them and Wilde are the legit ones)
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adexder Thanks, I'll check them out!
Edit, do you know any European shop that sells them?
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I put Dimarzio Evolution pickups in my Ibanez S570DXQM.
Really made a difference. I'm happy with them.
They are probably out of your price range though. Maybe. I forget what I paid for them.
Dimarzio Titan isn't bad for lower tunings.
Dimarzio Dominion could also work.
Duncan Full Shred, too.
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Quote by asgerrud
do you know any European shop that sells them?

They're aftermarket pickups so they're handmade at the shop. Their company is the only place to get them so you'd have to order online but it comes pretty quick. I got mine 2 months after I ordered them (Took half a week to ship but spent a while in customs for some reason)
Who needs shred when you've got rhythm guitar? :^)
Jackson King V (With a Wilde L500XL in the bridge)
Ibanez Iron Label RGIX27FEQM (7-string)
dimarzio crunch lab (bridge) and liquifire (neck) are hard to beat IMO.

i like the EVO's a lot too, i will be getting a set for another one of my ibbys.
I'm gonna recommend a different approach as I don't really think high output pickups are the way t go. you want a pickup with a little umph to them but you are way better off letting your amp do the heavy lifting. pickups that keep single notes clear and let the little nuances through are what I'd be looking for. I know that Opeth was using strats for cleans on some of their albums. something like the DiMarzio Distortion + might be worth looking into.