hey guys, I made a new song and wanted to share it with you guys. Been drawing influences from everywhere to be honest and came up with this. Also was going through a tough time and this was the result.hope you guys enjoy and as always feedback is appreciated

I like it. Crazy style you got there. I was curious about how Drop A would sound and am glad to see it put into melodic use. I like the dissonance and off timing stuff mixed with the melodic stuff and how you create interesting textures that many guitarists wouldn't think of doing. Very nice guitar playing and production.

I know you didn't offer c4c but if you want to listen to one of my songs and give a little feedback that'd be cool, if not don't worry about it: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1708822#1
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thanks man trying new things always. keeps things interesting.
just commented on your track too btw. good job
I really enjoyed this track even though it's not from my usual choice of genres. Nice use of delay at the beginning; subtle but adds a nice touch to the intro. From around :20 to :40 it sounded a little off tempo in places but nothing major. It kind of seems like a song that you've written and played quite a few times but maybe just needed a few more run throughs to get the perfect take; and I'm referring to the tempo more than anything else. The tone, phrasing, and variety in riff styles was on-point. At 1:20, that lead riff; I'd like to hear a little louder -- I really liked the sound of that and I think it's definitely worthy of being raised in the mix. From 1:32 to 2:20 I got a little lost -- I was unsure where the song was going from there, but you tied it all together very nicely with those tremelo picked leads at 2:20. All in all, I commend you for taking a chance at a song that is seemingly all over the place, but comes together and resolves nicely at the end.
Hey, it's the tapping guy!

The song isn't something I'd normally listen to, but I found it quite enjoyable. Some timing issues were there, but nothing major. Really nice melodies, especially the tremolo picked part. Keep on writing!

I did some new orchestra stuff, if you're interested: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1710497
GuitarManiac110 haha thanks for the feedback man lol i guess i am the tapping guy haha?
I checked your track and commented, good job!