So I am looking for a nice guitar to gig with and I came across Moniker guitars. I wanted to customize my own LP and moniker let me do that. Since they do not sell these anywhere near me, does anyone have any feedback on these guitars?
Is there a particular reason or just the custom options?

I have no experience with them but if you can tell us what you are looking for (what you like in guitars) your location and budget we can help you better.
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H4T3BR33D3R mostly just for the custom options and the lightning bolt semi hollow ( I am a grateful dead fan) need a guitar that cat output a lot of sounds and have a budget of 2500 down
Moniker- the custom shop in Austin? Haven't seen one in person, but I hear good things.

Still, $2500 can buy a lot of guitar, and there are a BUNCH of makers. You might even gave a comparable maker in tur backyard. Where are you? What kind of features do you want?
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