Howdy, all!
So, I'm going to start playing guitar again! Long story short, I used to play A LOT as a teenager (15-18). I sold my guitar and then eventually started college. During college I was mostly too busy for hobbies, except one semester where I decided I would make time for it again, I played a fair amount during that semester but never really got my chops back.

Now that I'm a blue collar slave I have nearly all the evenings & weekends free and the time to put into getting back at it. Just so you know where I'm coming from:

Teens: ESP LTD MH-400, Crappy Crate Amp, Digi pedal
College Semester: Dean Custom 550 FR, Peavey Sanpera II with Pedal
Starting off easy: LTD EC256 (like new for $216? We'll see quality when it gets to me, but I think it was a steal?[from GC]). ---Planning on getting a UMC204HD Interface and studio monitors so I can get a wide idea on different amps.

For some reference on what kind of music I like:
  • Metal: Amon Amarth, Scar Symmetry, Scale the Summit, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Blind Guardian, In Flames, Within Temptation, Dream Theater, Seventh Wonder
  • Prodigies: Tony MacAlpine, Satch, (I don't like Steve Vai's Sound), SRV, Yngwie, Clapton, Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, Paul Gilbert, Steve Lukather, Lanvall
  • Random: Bela Fleck (& the flecktones), Toto, nearly all pop music

So, I'm here to ask for advice and maybe start a few fights:
  1. What would be your general advice to me to help me get back on the wagon?
  2. Whats your opinion on me going the digital interface route?
  3. What would you suggest I do to brush back up on my music theory?
  4. What would you suggest I do to brush back up on my technique?
  5. Since I'm going through an interface, I'd assume it's more sensitive to having good cables. Is my assumption true, or will getting a less quality 1/4 still be o.k.?

If you think there are any other questions I should be proposing and you have the answer, let me have it.
A big thanks in advance
OP: sounds like you already know about the importance of good gear and have some technique. I think what YOU need is something to bring you back in a fun way.

Rocksmith 2014. Has a lot of tunes, and a lot of downloadable content. You use a real guitar, plus it into your gaming console (Playstation or Xbox), and play along. You get feedback on how accurate you are as you hone your skills. There are very basic guitar lessons, a whole crapload of Guitarcade Games (some are pretty damned fun!). Plus you can choose your "path": lead, rhythm, or bass. I've tried lead and rhythm, rhythm is harder

Anyway I think just banging away on Rocksmith would probably be a lot of fun (oh forgot to say the best part: you use your home theater system, essentially, as the amp and it has tons of effect). I can't recommend it enough. Here's a video of some guy (not me) playing Rocksmith.

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^ Do that!
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Sounds to me like you started and abondoned guitar two times already so probably don't go into too much investment right away.
The Rocksmith idea is great, also look up Digitech Trio and Trio+ which I think are pedal versions of this tech, i.e. "band on the fly".
I think it is really cool to practice some rudiments stuff, probably not too big when you'd really need a track but great practice tool.

Probably start off on some theory, Petrucci's "Rock Discipline" is great...or join a band so that way you keep it fun.