I have this guitar I bought used and so dont know specifically what changes the previous owner made, but it is semi-hollow, has a piezo pickup in a tuneomatic style bridge, has a battery compartment added, and has a knob added which blends the acoustic sound with the magnetic pickup sound (the acoustic sound goes much louder than the magnetic sound when turned all the way up) This blend seems to happen after all other controls on the magnetic side.

While it sounds fine clean and with other effects, all distortion pedals sound terrible even with the blend turned all the way to the magnetic pickup side. it doesn't get much better when I turn down the level on the volume for the magnetic pickups, either. My assumption is that whatever preamp is being used is converting the whole signal to low impedance and higher output.

The bridge looks like a fishman powerbridge, but I dont think the preamp is the fishman power chip, because that is supposed to allow a stereo jack to be used that gives unprocessed magnetic signal out of one side. I tried that and it seems to only give a mono signal when using a stereo plug and cable (only one side receives output with the same signal as with a mono cable attached).

I am looking for any solution to get a normal unprocessed magnetic pickup tone in addition to the piezo blend options. Would it make sense to try a reamp box?