Hey all,

So, the title of the thread pretty much sums up what I'm inquiring about. I'm looking for either a free, or inexpensive source of both drum loops I can copy and paste into my instrument/MIDI track (And tweak as needed), as well as some good mix presets (That can also be tweaked as needed).

Admittedly, I'm not all that great at getting a good drum sound in my mixes, and having to punch every single note in one at a time to program drum tracks, is getting tedious, and too time-consuming every time I have ideas I want to work with. I'm hoping that loops/mix pre-sets can help make things easier for me, and get me to stop slacking on my solo EP...

I have the latest version of SD, and the old Metal Foundry expansion. Looking for good metal/hard rock mixes, as may be evident w/having the MF expansion.

Thanks in advance!
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I don't have the time to find it for you.
But google the Nolly mix preset for the Avatar kit, it's killer especially when you switch the snare to the black beauty.
As far as loops I'd recommend learning some basics of drums. It doesn't take to long to really learn how to make decent beats.
Other than that just good for it
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