Interesting question regarding making a sweet bass tone out of an acoustic guitar for live performance/looping

Here's an interesting challenge for you guys,

I am a travelling and performing musician. My show is founded on tap guitar (a la Andy McKee, John Butler, Jon Gomm) but augmented with FX, looping, and beatboxing. I use a magnetic pickup in my acoustic Taylor 214ce and run it through a series of effects to mimic an electric guitar. I use the bridge pick up for my slapping and tapping and to get a nice simple acoustic tone so I can have effectively two tones.

Here's my question for y'all:

I am currently trying to find a sweet bass tone. I run my Taylor's magnetic strip through a POG, which then runs through a Boss GT001, then a few other effects before it hits my looper. I was using a Mesa Boogie toneburst/grid slammer combo but I've swapped it out for the GT001 because it is super versatile. Not the best for recording I know, but for shows it performs well.

Using the POG's octave drop and Boss Gt001, how would y'all suggest creating the elusive sweet bass tone? I'm an acoustic guitar player and not particularly inclined towards having a good ear insofar as bass tone, so I'm struggling a bit. Not sure what I should be looking for as I've been using the POG for a year and have loved it but my bass-playing friend pointed out that I could milk better tone out of it for sure.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help guys!